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mystical fighter is a game produzed by kid corp, published by taito, and for mega drive (genesis).

based in japanese mitology, this is a very nice beat'em up game, and nostalgic for me, I played this game in my youth. This is a hardcore gaming, but I cleared this game in expert mode hehehe! this game is very good for me, it enters my top 5 best megadrive games along with kid chamaleon, golden axe, etc... I and my girlfriend we played at dusk. 

and the soundtrack of this game is MAGNIFICENT! enjoy: 

the history of this game is: In it, players play as Kabuki theater warriors Shiro-Jishi[1] and Aka-Jishi, dressed in traditional kimonos and lion hair. The game follows the beat-em-up style,[2] in which samurai, ninjas, sumocas are faced; mafia members and even creatures from Japanese mythology.[3] The American version, published by DreamWorks Interactive, has some differences such as the title screen and the accentuated degree of difficulty compared to the original version released in Japan. The story, designs and characters are based on Japanese mythology.

As in most games of the genre, the player (who controls a kabuki) can use combos, flips and swings to fight tough opponents, fighting them in groups of three to five.[4] Surprisingly, boss fights are generally easier than normal enemies, there are bosses at the end of each stage.[5] There is also a time limit, usually around forty seconds, for the player to finish the level. If the time reaches zero before the player passes the level, the player will automatically lose the game as they will be declared a defeat. Similar to Golden Axe, the player can use a special magic power, but instead of bottles, the player must manually pick up scrolls. The more scrolls the player has, the stronger the magic attack;[6] if the player chooses to use this attack, all scrolls will be consumed.

There are also hidden bonus stages that can be accessed if the player approaches certain doors or rooms. These bonus stages contain magic scrolls, items to replenish the character's health bar, or weapons. There are also traps and holes that the player or enemies can fall into. Traps and pits do not always hinder the player and in fact can be beneficial if the player throws an enemy directly into the pit. enjoy this character and play this game if you like punch ninjas. This game is obscure and little known, i got know it thanks to my megadrive, and i recommend it, play it if you can, it's a great beat'em up, in japanese style, another thing worth mentioning are the levels, i like the backgrounds, are true landcapes, this game is good too bad it didn't get its due recognition. But here we will not leave it aside. autors: kabuki by Josh Crouch, and the stage by SummitIsCool2000


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enjoy the magnificent stage of this game (1-1) and download the kabuki for your mugen!

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