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Inspired by Infinite Soulabyss and Infinity Zero.
His task is to corrupt MUGEN to defeat his opponent.
The character may crash at first due to incompatibility of some opponents.
To make the character work you have to wait until the name changes while it is selected.
If the name has changed then the character is ready. Don't worry if the animation doesn't
start (when the character is selected), the character will load anyway, the important thing
is that the name has been changed. Sometimes it will take a long time to load, this will
depend on the code of the opponent. If for example, the opponent uses a code that is too advanced, then
the name will not change and that means 9470bb12e8a4f34476 will not load. Obviously the character is not immortal
(This depends on your computer, this character uses the same system as plzdontkillme: If your computer is fast,
the character will be very strong, both in attack and defense.).
Sometimes no one will win the rounds, this is because MUGEN can't figure out who won, but one
thing is for sure, if the opponent doesn't move, then it means that 9470bb12e8a4f34476 won.
If you use this character you will have to restart MUGEN a lot of times, so good luck.
Also, 9470bb12e8a4f34476 has a weakness: If it is attacked from the first to the third layer it can be defeated! But the opponent's attack must be strong!

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