ReversalDef 04.14.2002

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About This File

J-McCoy (from Kaiser Knuckle (Global Champion) )
for WinMugen


Jump            ↑
Back Step            ← ←
Light Punch        X
Medium Punch        Y
Hard Punch        Z
Cho Punch            X+Y
Geki Punch        Y+Z
Light Kick        A
Medium Kick        B
Hard Kick            C
Cho Kick            A+B
Geki Kick            B+C
Throw 1            → or ← +Y (when close)
Throw 2            → or ← +B or C (when close)
Throw 3            → or ← +Z (when close)
Taunt            S

Normal Move----------------------------------------------------

Feint Move        2+A+B+C (air)(high)

Special Move---------------------------------------------------

Boomerang Crush        ←(Charge) → +Punch
Jet Upper        ←(Charge)6 + Kick
Thunderbolt        2(Charge)↑ +Punch
Spark Blow        Punch (rapidly)
Sonic Bommer        ←(Charge) → ← +Punch

Hyper Move-----------------------------------------------------

Destructive Combination        ← ↑ +Y+Z



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