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Ultimate Scorpion v1.1 for MKP 4.1 S2 Final by agustin9594 1.1.0

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Ultimate Scorpion v1.1 by agustin9594
Character for Mortal Kombat Project 4.1 Season 2 Final

+ new win pose
+ 4 new kombos
+ 5 new special moves
+ new palletes with color separation
+ new falality (MKTX UMK3 mod "The Portal")
+ brutalities
+ Hara-Kiri (MK Shinobi version)

You need this Ultimate Chats data files for MKP 4.1 S2 final for the Brutality sign:

================================================== ==========
--------------------------------------------Original Creators-------------------------------------------------------
================================================== ==========
; original Scorpion by MKP Team
; UMK3 arcade sprites ripped by Fly
; UMK3 sound rips by Le@N
; bio pic by Eddie Blackrose, edited by MetalSonic1
; fire effects by PhoboSS, Bleed a.k.a gabe678
; MKM sound rips, Hara-Kiri, compiled & updated by borg117
; updated by Emsi-D Velaskez and LeandroTM (new special/finishing moves, kombos and some new sprites)
; alternate slide punch by Bleed a.k.a gabe678
; take-down sprites by Markos, Undertaker
; Goro's Grab reaction sprites by xTH@Wk
; aerial spear coding help by borg117
; fire breath & jump sprites by CARZ
; toasty win pose by MetalSonic1
; axe swipe anim by PhoboSS
; Stance by Eddie Mattos, edited by Vadim_FVE
; Walk sprites by Copymith
; Re-added base easy fatality commands by MKA
; New palletes & color saparations, new special moves and brutalities by agustin9594
================================================== =====================

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Not bad but, animation of his stance, his select screen render and versus screen render is kinda lame. Or, to be honest, they sucks. They are not the same that were in MK Shinobi, which is what this Scorpion actually is. Also, the spear animation, while he drags the opponent toward himself looks like the chain is shrinking, and not like it been pulled. All tho, the character is playable.

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