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Mathrus 2.0 by HelloMyNameIsAAA



Mathrus is a private character born from the deepest world of the MUGEN cheapie community. Not much is known about it, other by the fact that it is in the supposed highest tier of power (Dragon-tier) and being able to mess with your MUGEN and your computer pretty badly. It attracted quite a lot of negative attention as it proved that MUGEN, specifically the old WinMugen version where similar characters only works, could be used to create nasty viruses.

This very character is a tongue-in-cheek interpretation of whatever Mathrus is, and a parody of works done by the cheapie community in general. Despite that, it is extremely broken, complete with beefed up stats, SuperArmor, both health and meter regeneration, and overpowered attacks including OHKOs.

A less broken version of the character, Lesser Mathrus, is included that puts him in line with classic cheap characters. To use it, change the name of this folder to MathrusLesser.

This characters works for both 1.0 and 1.1.





Supers: (Requires 1k power)

Vertical Beams: /$B, a
Incomprehensible Attack: /$F, a
Random Explosion: /$B, b
BFG Blast: /$F, b
Fat Man: /$B, c


Error Messages: /$F, c (Requires 2k Power)
Michael Bay's Explosion Spam: /$B, x (Requires 2k Power)
Massive Mexibeam: /$B, y (Requires 2k Power)
???: /$B, z (Requires 3k Power)


Update Logs

(September 2020)

Lots of bug fixes.
Added 6 new attacks.
Updated the AI.

Buffed and nerfed a few of Lesser Mathrus's attacks.
Added a special outro if Mathrus have more than 50% health that happens at a 50% chance.
Added a cosmetic 12p.
Updated the localization files.

(September 2019)

First Known Release


Special thanks !

Zirukurt01, for the sprite used for Mathrus.
Elecbyte, for creating MUGEN itself.
Brergrsart, for the SuperArmor code.
fhqwhgads7, for the graphic used for the incomprehensible attack.
Gumhoy, for general help.
Warunoyari, for the code used in the ??? attack.

What's New in Version 2.0.1


Fixed attack.dist and proj.attack.dist being 0.
Removed big wall of sparks in the BFG move, and replaced with individual ones on the opponents hit.

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