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  1. So uhhhhhhh I turned 19 today I didn't plan ahead for what I wanted to do for a special video, so I made this a general update video of sorts. Enjoy or something idk lmao
  2. "Oh boy, here I go shitposting again!" Got bored a while back and tried my hand at editing Brergrsart's Vinny to be a more balanced character. I was going to release this way sooner but college started up for me recently and I want to focus more on that kind of work lol Get him HERE. Screenshots:
  3. Namely hitbox adjustments and whatnot. I want to preserve his playstyle while also toning down some of his overpowered aspects. I may get rid of some specials in favor of L/M/H versions of the same special. I intend to do this for Vinny too [despite Brergrsart stating on his site not to do so >:)].
  4. wow, this actually inspired me to an extent lol time to make my own fair edit. >:)
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