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    I'd regret to say this but I'll be leaving AK1 MUGEN because of the ongoing issues surrounding NSFW 18+ edits and It's nearly damaging my mental health because of the 18+ side which I nearly couldn't cope myself (Due to me having learning difficulties and family issues where I'm living with my parents most of the time over the past couple of weeks since July as well). But don't worry I'll focus on the non 18+ side of MUGEN where I'll create my own SFW Chars and other stuff that's MUGEN Related as well. But as of now I'll retire from the 18+ side of MUGEN (Not actually gonna fully retire from MUGEN Unless so) , and focus on the SFW MUGEN Stuff instead, it's so much better than the NSFW side. Thank you for listening. 


    P.S. BTW I'll be more active on MUGEN Archive instead.

  2. hay alguien que tiene los siguientes mods para FNF


    Mako Mankanshoku que remplaza a girlfriend


    Ragyo Kiryuin


    y Vs. Satsuki [Full Week]


    Si alguien los tiene me pueden mandar link de descarga para poder usarlos


    aqui algunas imagenes que pude encontrar sobre a los mods que me refiero





  3. 0 downloads

    nimu mod by axel nimu mod por axel
  4. I'm making a Vore Character involving Charlotte Katakuri from One Piece where he uses the vore launch move.

  5. Before you say anything here's a note about the Generic Yoshi Vore edits flooding in MUGEN Archive:

    I wouldn't mind vore edits, But why does it have to be the Yoshi edits (like Crusher15, Tina, Gum, Spike and Dewian)? I really don't like that, think of something original and better (Like MrPr1993's Carlesha for example) or an existing character for a vore edit rather than the Yoshi edits. They're literally everywhere, with just duplicate files from MUGEN Archive, that's it really. Same thing applies to Pokémon vore edits too. 

    1. King_Dewian


      I made Dewian and I'm appalled that you said my character is a duplicate. Yes, I took assets from the yoshi vore character. No, I didn't copy paste everything and just have the colors and name changed.

      If your eyes worked, you would see that he's larger than all the others, doesn't have egg moves, is a 6 button fighter instead of a 4 button fighter, newly created specials, my IRL voice for the character voice, and plently of mpdified sprites and animations. I tried super hard to differentiate from the usual yoshi vore clones, so to say that I merely made a duplicate is incorrect.

      I used the yoshi vore character as a start to making nsfw characters. He is still the only nsfw character I've released. Not only because I'm still a little new to coding the stuff, but also because I had a baseline for what to work with when making the character.

      I always appreciate critisism and would love some from you instead of you bashing the character.

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