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Marvel vs Capcom vs Whatever Else is There #3


Should I make a Marvel vs Capcom vs Whatever Else is There #3?  

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  1. 1. Marvel vs Capcom vs Whatever Else is There #3

    • Yeah dude, I think we needs a sequel
    • No mang I think it's best that we stop at #2
    • Lol I don't even care.

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I was thinking of making Marvel vs Capcom vs Whatever Else is There #3. I wanted to see if anyone else wanted it because the first and especially the second game got 10+ downloads. I'm letting this third game be entirely up to this community. If you have any suggestions for the roster like adding, removing, bringing back _____ then go ahead!

Also if a third game is made the lore will keep continuing.

Also also the second game is getting updated pretty soon so yeah pretty good!

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Sorry, but this game is cancelled now. Just no interest/motivation anymore. The second game feels just fine, and even better than the third which had more characters.

However I plan on adding a few of the characters (the better ones) from #3 into #2. I've already Put in Black Cat and Demitri. Rikuo and Nova are next.

Other planned characters may include Mr. X, and whoever first gets requested that is from the Marvel and Capcom side (that has been made [and isn't a boss] of course.)

Characters that don't exist that I plan on putting in are X-23 and a full version of Free Gaming Revolution's Amaterasu.

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