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Seth by Ichida.

2nd file: Japanese voice snd file


What's New in Version 09/30/2021


-New Mechanic: Not Over Yet
  -Upon reaching 35% health or below and not being in a hurt state, you will receive the following benefits for the rest of the round:
  -Immediately Gain 500 Meter
  -Slowly gain meter overtime
  -Gain a defense buff that scales up to 35% according to how much health you currently have (Less health means more defense)
  -Only triggers once per round
-New Mechanic: Ultra Dead Angle (Burst while Guarding)
 -Using this will cancel your guard stun and make you invulnerable for ten frames after the super pause. This also puts you into the Ultra Burst state, but it will only last a third of the time it would if you were to Ultra Burst normally.
-Ground throw now has 5 frames of startup, Dash Grab now has 3 frames of startup
-Stationary, Forward, and air dodges now have less invul time against physical attacks
-Invul time upon air recovery lasts a little longer and control is regained a little sooner
-Distortion Drives can now be triggered with any combination of A, B, and C rather than just A+B (Example: QCF B+C, QCB A+C)
-Changed default Liedown time to 15 frames
-A red X now appears over the Burst Icon when in a situation where it is not usable
-Added an Invalid Combo Indicator
-General Aesthetic Changes
- Added new mechanic: Guard Reject
  -When the character is guarding an enemy's attack, press "a+b" will immidiately "push" the enemy far away for a distance. This will cost 1000 unit of MUGEN power.
- Added new mechanic: Distortion Drive - Bonus Strike
  -When the "Not Over Yet" mode is activated, sucessfully performing any Distortion Drive will grant the character a random bonus from three bonuses below:
     +Critical: Deal an additional 20% damage on the enemy. This amount does stack with the damage scaling system, preventing the character to be OP in some cases.
     +Panicked: Sending the enemy to the "Panicked" status for a period of time ( 500 ticks ). While the bonus is still activated, if the character get hit by the opponent will have a small chance to dodge the next attack automatically.
     +Contact: When this bonus is received, character will be able to cancel the Distortion Drive without losing any power. So instead of 500, the cost will be reduced to completely 0.
     +Astral Heat Indicator: When the character's power bar is full and the enemy's health is below 1/4, this message will pop up. If Astral Heat is used during that time, the message will disappear and won't show up anymore.
-Updated Japanese voice patch.

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