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nihil, one of my very first semi-external characters.
nihil is a character is a hybrid of supernull and hypernull.

- Nihil only works on MUGEN with title "M.U.G.E.N".
- Nihil depends on the strength of your PC, if it's weak, Nihil will also be weak.
- Nihil at p2 can be beaten easily by supernull or forward tier.
- Errors like "Can't open file", is because these characters defend their path def. Again, it depends on your PC.

But this one, it is not just any supernull as we all know, rather this version is enhanced.
There is no need to put the zip file in the chars folder since it already puts it automatically
when nihil is selected. (This depends on whether you have disabled hypernull in the OPTION.txt file.)
nihil has two phases, of which:

- The first phase, Unseal Sickness, is when nihil is first selected. Here the supernull is activated.
nihil can be beaten by supernull characters at p1 side and tier onwards.

- The second phase, on the other hand, Pervigilium, is her most powerful form.
Here the hypernull is activated. In this phase, nihil will eat the souls of your characters.
You can only make a match. The second match, Mugen will no longer be able to read your characters.
Here nihil can be defeated by hypernulls and well... postmans since they change the character's files.

Of course, to avoid problems, I specially put options to disable some features such as static, hypernull and the wallpaper "changer".
Some times the MUGEN screen will be clearer or a slowdown of the game than expected, this is because the nihil enemy uses very
strong threads or technologies. It's not a bug.

A HUGE help on threading. (C++) | CyberAkumaTV / @ CyberAkumaTv
Explaining overflows. (CMDOF and ZLIB) | SL Zero & PL / @DanteDoomer & @PurpuraBib
Animated effect/outline for nihil. | Lunar / @LunarMUGEN
Giving me permission to use his overflow. | Ryori / @0bh61z7TitUAHn5



Edited by ရွှေဖြူကြိုးရုံကြောများက်ခ

What's New in Version 11/02/2023 07:41 PM   See changelog


ver: 1.01
- nihil can now make a backup of your select.def and wallpaper image.


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