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    this character look amazing, nice work.
  1. look forward to see your update
  2. or you may able to find this death adder as final boss in this game - https://openborgames.com/golden-axe-returns-OpenBOR
  3. I think thta's a way to protect certain individuals in the forum being targeted. It wasn't a bad try IMO
  4. more likely Eyedol as my boss of choice
  5. I'm Geneticfreak from UK, nice to meet every mugenholics up here.
  6. just wonder is this Death Adder also suitable for any high defination mugen 1.1 screenpack? I've also heard that there's some individual make a new version of this death adder as well (Grey colour skinned of this version Death Adder but with a huge Scythe instead of using golden axe). I hope you'll able to find that character as well.
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