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Warning: EXPECT BUGS!!
After 3 years RedDevil is back with some new features.
Since many people liked this edit I thought it was necessary
to do a remake and this time I tried to do it well compared to the old version.
RedDevil this time has the following levels:
Lv1/1p - Normal + Random %n Attack
Lv3/3p - Normal + Invicibility frames + Stronger attacks
Lv6/6p - Invincible + Dangerous %n attacks (VirtualProtect)
Lv9/9p - %n + Automatic Attacks (Similar to ISA)
Lv11/11p - %f attacks
Lv12/12p - Instakill
Lv13/13p - Supernull
To activate level 13, you have to go to the .def file of RedDevil and then remove the semicolon before st7,
to deactivate it again instead, put the semicolon back.
I recommend that you check the file "OPTION.txt" since there are some options that may affect gameplay
or options that you may find useful.

Other notices that I did not mention in the RedDevil showcase:

- RedDevil doesn't have palettes such as 2p, 4p, 7p etc. and will automatically be put at the closest level. For example, if you put the 4th palette, it will be put on the 6th palette right away.

- When you have already selected a level before and finished the match with an opponent, the portrait will always remain the one you put before even if you change levels. But the level still changes when you start another match.

Explod Expansion by Choon | @Choon_2i
Some sprites by CPUGreenSister | @CPUGreenSister

Edited by ရွှေဖြူကြိုးရုံကြောများက်ခ

What's New in Version 11/02/2023 07:42 PM   See changelog


RedDevil has been updated!

> Selection effect.

> Animated icon.

> Addition of a new BGM.

> Some crash/bug fixes.

> Simul mode fix.

> Added Protection Intro option.

> And more..

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