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MicaHD NTcore 1.1.0

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All thanks to Phantom and the Newage Mugen forum and Discord and New Mica now run great without no issues

from Phantom test this what he said
Phantom: Hey oldgamer, I have tested MICA version you sent me and I have good news and bad news....

The good news is, it is working completely fine with no issues or errors Twisted Evil

The bad news is...I don't know why anyone would be having any problems because I couldn't find any even after testing on 3 different PCs.

The input button config works fine.
The rounds start fine no crashing.

So to deal with the more technical issues of why it is possibly crashing for people, I am going to ask my friend on here to make a more detailed post, an FAQ if you would on Mugen, crashes, performance issues, and the sorts of common errors people seem to always be getting.

But in summary, those people having problems with your screen pack are all people with either hardware, or software, or driver issues on their own PCs. There is no issue with your screen pack or Mugen, or the Mugen patch.

I have tested this on 3 separate windows 10 PCs with different PC specs.
This screenpack only uses about 1GB of system Memory, and about 1.5-2GB of Video Memory (VRAM) when it is running a match.
Therefor it is safe to sat that anyone with a PC that has 64bit Windows 10, atleast 8GB of RAM and an OPenGL compatible  Video Graphics card from AMD or NVidia manufactured in the last 10 years, should have zero issues.

If they cannot run this game, their PC is not suitable for HD resolution mugen of 1280x720 or higher, and is not suitable for Mugen 1.1 or the OPenGL features it has. I hope that helps.

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Parabéns pelos seu trabalho gosto do seus Screenpacks, só deveria fazer outras variações em vez de usar sempre o mesmo thema.

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