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    I kinda created this character.. ...why does this exists
    Such a classic character. He's broken as hell, just like the original game. If only he had a sword...
    Do not listen to the other japanese dudes' reviews, this +18 char ain't it, chief. And this comes from a guy that truly lives in Japan.
    You have no idea how many people voted for Shrek in the Smash Ballot. That was a mistake.
    I am indeed proud, this takes me back to the good old days. This stage will be in the next DLC for Smash Ultimate. It's gonna feature Fire Emblem characters instead of the ones appearing in this version.
    You really thought I wasn't gonna notice that IS Diddy Kong with just his cap on reverse? The copyright claim will arrive in 3 days, my friend. Don't forget to purchase our newcomer for Smash Ultimate.
  1. I can confirm this as 100% canon. I just asked Mr. Miyamoto about this.
    Gotta admit. This stage sucked in Melee. I apologize for that.
    This Mario is waaaay better than his Brawl counterpart. Very cool indeed. You will still be recieving a copyright claim though.
  2. I'd rather put Heavy in smash than Steve from Minecraft... Oh right. Nevermind.
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